While we will consider many compensation methods, in most of our cases we do not base our fees on how many hours or months we work on a case. Instead our fees are contingent on the results we produce for our clients. That means our clients pay for results achieved, not time spent.


We screen our cases carefully and believe strongly in the cases we accept, so the contingent fee arrangement works well for both our clients and us. Our time investment in the case is not limited by the ability of our clients to pay. We know our success depends directly on the success of our clients, which means we share the same objective: to produce the best legal result we can.


Personal injury, product liability and medical negligence cases are generally accepted on a contingent fee of the ultimate recovery after reimbursement of expenses. (This means that expenses are deducted first and then legal fees are calculated only on the remaining net recovery.) The expenses of litigation, such as fees to investigators, experts, court reporters and document services, are advanced by the firm, and reimbursement to the firm is made only out of funds recovered through litigation. If there is no recovery, our clients do not owe us anything. We will prepare a written fee agreement for our clients. We are happy to discuss the particulars of the fe agreement with you in detail when we meet.


Even with our business clients for whom hourly fee litigation may be affordable, a contingent fee is often very attractive. It provides the advantages of good cash flow management and good risk management, particularly when the litigation involves big time investments and big stakes. There is comfort in knowing your trial firm is willing to stand with you in the risk and rewards of your case.


Our business litigation includes cases of business fraud, breach of contract, breach of professional duty by trustees, attorneys, accountants and other professionals, securities fraud, infringement of intellectual property rights, and other business torts. Expenses may be advanced by the firm, by the client, or on a shared basis between the two. In each case we undertake, we want to find the fee agreement that makes the most sense for the client and the firm together, and we put the agreement in writing for your approval.


Feel free to ask us anything. We want you to have all the information you need to choose the right law firm to represent you.

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